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Water Clean Up is Crucial to Quickly Restoring Your Property

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Water damage is a common result of being a property owner

Water damage can happen quickly and when least expected, and is often caused by circumstances that are unpreventable such as weather, ruptured water lines (washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, sinks, toilets) or from major fire extinguishing efforts.

A house flood can cause years of damage

It’s important to act quickly when water begins to take over your home or business. By acting immediately, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in the cost of water damage repair.  At DMD Restoration, we are trained experts in all aspects of water damage restoration, including water removal, water damage repair, and water restoration, whether a basement flood or a home flood.

Water damage restoration is a highly skilled profession

At DMD Restoration, we understand the severity of water damage and devastating effects it can have on homeowners and their families. Our main goal is to quickly and safely extract water from your property.  We follow a complete restoration process of water removal, water clean-up and air drying and purification.

At DMD Restoration we utilize years of proven water restoration techniques to:

  • Get your property back to normal as quickly as possible
  • Proactively work with your insurance company to ensure settlement of your claim
  • Save you priceless personal belongings

Our high quality work has an iron-clad guarantee for 5 years of workmanship

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