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Have you discovered mold in your home?

We are here to help determine your next step for mold restoration. Mold and mildew are naturally occurring micro-organisms that exist in our environment.  However, if you feel the amount of mold that is occurring in your home is more than normal, it’s important not to ignore it.  Left untreated, mold can impact the health of those exposed to it, and can lead to mold damage to your property. The longer the mold lingers on your property, the more damage it can cause.

An experience mold restoration team is key to your health

DMD Restoration is a team of certified experts in mold removal.  We will quickly come to your Chicago area residence to assess the mold problem and recommend an effective solution for eliminating it.  Our mold remediation team will identify the source of mold in your home, clean up and treat the mold-infested areas, and implement measures that will prevent future mold problems.

At DMD Restoration, we utilize years of proven mold removal techniques to:

  • Get your property back to normal as quickly as possible
  • Proactively work with your insurance company to ensure settlement of your claim
  • Save your priceless personal belongings

Our high quality work has an iron-clad guarantee for 5 years of workmanship

Don’t let a mold problem wait – call DMD Restoration immediately if you have mold in your home (773) 463-1800

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