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When Natural Disaster Hits, Don’t Worry About the Insurance Claims Process

Call DMD Restoration – let us handle your claims process (773) 463-1800

When faced with damage to your property caused by fire, smoke, wind or water, it’s vital to contact your insurance company immediately to make a claim on insurance.  We specialize in property repair and restoration as well as serving as the liaison between you and your claims adjuster.

If you are looking for help with water damage insurance, fire damage insurance, or insurance for damage caused by a natural disaster, contact DMD Restoration and let us work with you on your insurance claim. We are well versed in the insurance claims process for property damage.

Equipped to help with insurance claims

With over 15 years of experience working in insurance repair, we have established close relationships with the top insurance companies in Chicago. DMD Restoration will work closely with your insurance company throughout the claims process, and will be there to assist you along the way.

Contact us today for help with your insurance claim (773) 463-1800

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